Takeoff Methods

Choose your method of takeoff for any trade. Each method will result in a different type of estimate with a different level of detail. 

Man-Hour is the most detailed method. It can be used for self-performed work and can include materials.
Labor-Only is used for subcontracted trade labor when the GC supplies materials.
Turn-Key is the simpliest method used when labor and material is subcontracted to one trade.

Takeoff Units
• Flatwork can be taken off in SF or Length-Width
• Rebar can be taken off in bars or tons
• Finish Lumber can be priced in MBF or Each

Material Takeoffs can be in compliance with bid documents
Specifications: type, size, gauge, finish, style, and species
Concrete mix: regular, fiber-mix, exposed aggregate, or custom designed
Framing lumber: pine, douglas fir, SPF, or pressure treated
Finish lumber: mdf, poplar, fir, oak, mahogany, cedar, or maple
Brand Specific for: windows, finish hardware, plumbing fixtures, exterior trim.

Labor Takeoffs are Trade-Specific for any assembly

None Needed (will exclude labor from an estimate)
Man-Hours (we buy and install materials in manhours)
Crew-Hours (we buy materials and install in crewhours)
Unit-Price Subcontractor Labor (we buy materials and subcontract the labor to install them)