Every contractor has unique preferences when estimating their projects. The right database is critical in filling those needs. Although many contractors subcontract labor and materials to others, some contractors choose to self-perform labor and purchase materials. Advanced Assembly Databases are designed to fit the estimating preferences of any general or specialty contractor.

Free Sample Database:
This database is provided to test the features before making a purchase. The sample database has 9 assemblies including: Spread Footing, Slab on Grade, Wood Framed Walls, Wood Framed Floors, Wood Trussed Roof, Trade Bids, Material Quotes, Allowances, and Rental Equipment.

General Contractor Databases:
• Commercial
• Residential
• Multi-Family

Specialty Contractor Databases:
• Concrete
• Masonry
• Drywall
• Metal Framing
• Wood Framing
• Renovation
• Site Development

Custom Databases:
This database is for the most demanding user. It is configured to precisely fit estimating needs. Users may choose their assemblies, trades, and methods of takeoff. You only pay for what you need!

• AAD databases can produce Conceptual or Detailed Bill-of-Materials estimates.
• Databases will convert conceptual estimates into hard-bid estimates without starting over.
• Estimates can be organized for “buy out” comparing bids and estimates. 

Sort and Subtotal Estimates by:
• Bid Package
• Buyout
• Trade
• Unit
• Room
• Building
• Risk Analysis
• UniFormat (I, II, III)
• CSI MasterFormat (1995 or 2020)
• Construction Schedule