The database is the heart of your estimating system.  Advanced Assembly Databases were developed by a general contractor to save time and win more bids. They are designed around smart-logic assemblies that produce costs for complete building components such as footings, slabs, walls, or openings.  These databases are being used successfully by hundreds of companies across the United States and Canada.

Takeoff Methods
You can select your takeoff method for any trade. Takeoff in man-hours for self performed work, takeoff with labor-only unit prices when trades provide labor and you buy materials, or takeoff with turn-key unit prices when trades provide labor and materials.

Comprehensive Assemblies
An exterior door assembly, for example, is more than a door.  It includes items for the opening, frame, hardware, casing, paint, furring, 8x8x8 block, and precast lintel. Backs-out for items are deducted when possible.  Basically, it’s the complete package that makes up the opening.

Spec-Driven Takeoff
Base-level specifications are used for a base-level estimate.  These can be upgraded to meet requirements in bid documents. The amount of detail you need depends on your selections.  A variety of specifications allows you to produce a wide range of estimates for conceptual, negotiated, or hard-bid contracts.

Detailed Bill of Materials
When materials are to be purchased, you can quickly prepare and send a material list to vendors for a quote. Rough and finish lumber, for example, is quantified to the detail needed for purchasing including size, length, and species. Likewise, concrete, masonry or any material can be included in the bill of materials.  Material descriptions are specific and can produce accurate RFPs for purchase orders.

Use Out-of-the-Box
These databases come pre-loaded with smart-logic formulas, unit prices, labor prices, material prices, and labor productivity to produce accurate takeoffs “out of the box”.