If you are new to estimating, new to Sage Estimating, or new to the Advanced Assembly Database, some form of training will be needed.  If time is available, self training may be an option. If you have limited time, professional training becomes a better option. Our training sessions are customized to fit your experience level and particular needs.  With a custom agenda, you can pick the your topics and learn at your own pace.  We have been training Sage-Timberline users for over 20 years.

Sample Sessions
• Install and Setup (Free 1 hour)
• Making Assembly Takeoffs (1-2 hours)
• Making Model Takeoffs (1-2 hours)
• Making Custom Spreadsheet Layouts (1 hour)
• Adding Markups, Profit, and Bonds (1 hour)
• Preparing the Spreadsheet for Buyout and the Budget (1 hour)
• Making Custom Layouts and Reports (30 min)
• Making Trial Estimates (4-6 hours)
• Making Custom Changes (TBD)
• Updating Prices (2 hours)
• Adding Cost Codes (TBD)
• Making a Test Estimate (2 hours)

On-line Training
On-line training is a cost effective way and easier with tight schedules.  A few short sessions can provide training to learn the basics of using the database to estimate.  Between sessions, estimators can practice what they have learned and prepare questions for the next session. Training for new users of Sage Timberline Estimating may start with learning the phase structure and understanding takeoff methods then evolving to making assembly takeoffs, setting up spreadsheet layouts, making reports, and extracting needed information from the spreadsheet.  For experienced users, on-line training would include making more complex estimates, model takeoff, custom sorts, and preparing estimates for bid packages, buyout, and scheduling.

On-site Training
Firms with 3 or more estimators may benefit from on-site training which allows for more interaction and discussion. Training sessions may start with defining company expectations of an estimating system. Session topics are custom selected to fit specific needs of the company and may vary from basic use of the software to advanced topics.  Attendees will learn how to complete an estimate with assembly takeoff. Training time varies according to experience with computers, estimating, and the complexity of the work being estimated. Existing Sage Estimating users normally learn to make a simple takeoff in a day.  However, new Sage Estimating users may need an additional 1-2 days to learn how to use the estimating software.