We have been provided Sage Estimating training for 30 years.  Rather than one class-for-all, we suggest contactors choose their topics and schedule.  The amount of training needed depends on your level of experience with Sage Estimating and the types of projects being estimated. 

Using Sage to estimate a 4-story office building is quite different than a custom home.  Our training is focused on your individual needs. You can select the training topics, how fast to proceed, length of sessions, and how often sessions are conducted.  Having a day or two between training sessions allows time to practice. Typically, hands-on training starts by doing. We like learning how to estimate by estimating real projects.  

The second phase of training includes checking, pricing, reviewing, and modifying estimates.  How to sort and organize estimates helps to evaluate and improve accuracy.  Advanced topics may include estimating projects with several buildings, model estimates, using estimates to create construction schedules, buyout, and AIA billing.   

The cost for training is based on a fixed hourly rate. Experienced Sage users should plan on 6-8 hours of training. Users without prior experience with Sage should plan on 16-20 hours.  If you want to create a custom proprietary database, additional training time and topics will be needed.