Every contractor has unique preferences when estimating their projects. The right database is critical in filling those needs. Some contractors self-perform work and purchase materials while others subcontract work to others.  Some build a variety of projects while others specialize.  Instead of adapting to a boiler-plate, “one-size-fits-all” database, the Advanced Assembly Database (AAD) provides a new option. It allows contractors to configure their database, to select what they need from an “a la carte” menu.

AAD Database Generator

  • Creates a custom database for general, building, and trade contractors.
  • Specify your trades, phases of work, and takeoff methods needed for the work being estimated.
  • Select the assemblies needed for your estimates.
  • Choose Man-Hours, Crew-Hours, or Unit-Prices
  • Choose Pervasive or SQL
  • Pay for what you need


  • Up to 600 eTakeoff traces are automatically mapped to Sage Estimating
  • eTakeoff trace list is different for every user and depends on their assemblies selected.
  • Produce hard-bid estimates from a conceptual estimate without starting over.
  • Provide a detailed material takeoff out-of-the-box based on project specifications.
  • Select your takeoff method for any trade
  • Produce Conceptual, Unit-Price, or Bill of Material estimates


  • Up to 19 Models
  • Up to 185 Assemblies
  • Up to 70,000 Items

Labor Options

  • None Needed
  • Man-Hours (we buy materials)
  • Crew-Hours (we buy materials)
  • Unit Price Subcontractor Labor (we buy materials)

Material Options

  • None Needed
  • Takeoff-Specific Examples:
    • Rebar (bars or tons)
    • Horizontal takeoff (SF area or dimensions)
  • Specification-Specific Examples:
    • Concrete mix (regular, pump, aggregate, or custom)
    • Framing lumber (pine, douglas fir, SPF, or pressure treated)
    • Finish lumber (mdf, poplar, fir, oak, mahogany, cedar, or maple)
    • Brand Specific (windows, finish hardware, plumbing fixtures)

Predefined Sort and Subtotal Options

  • Bid Package
  • Buyout
  • Trade
  • Unit
  • Room
  • Building
  • Risk Analysis
  • UniFormat (I, II, or III)
  • CSI MasterFormat (1995 or 2015)

Annual Update

  • Get annual improvements, fixes, and changes
  • Get new items, assemblies, models, and options
  • Retain your cost codes, prices, items, and phases
  • Phone Support 828-384-1300