Every contractor has unique preferences when estimating their projects. The right database is critical in filling those needs. Commercial contractors may self-perform some work, purchase some materials, and subcontracting the remaining work to others.  Residential contractors often subcontract all labor but purchase some materials. Renovation and Specialty contractors self-perform labor and purchase their materials.  Instead of a boilerplate, “one-size-fits-all” database, Advanced Assembly Databases are configured to fit precise needs.

AAD Databases are Custom Generated from an “a la carte” menu.
• Choose one or more assemblies from 280 available assemblies.
• Choose the trades you need for estimates.
• Choose your method of takeoff to fit the project requirements.
• Only Pay for What You Need.

• AAD databases can be used to produce Conceptual or Detailed Bill-of-Materials estimates.
• They can convert conceptual estimates into hard-bid estimates without starting over.
• They can include materials that are specified.

Filter, Sort, and Subtotal Options
• Bid Package
• Buyout
• Trade
• Unit
• Room
• Building
• Risk Analysis
• UniFormat (I, II, III)
• CSI MasterFormat (1995 or 2020)
• Construction Schedule

One-Year Update Included
• Improvements, fixes, and changes
• New items, assemblies, and models
• Unlimited phone support